POKER: play or deal?

What would you do if you had a choice? Play or Deal poker? Playing poker for a living may sound exciting. You can make your own hours playing a game for an income. But you do not always win. Sometimes the games are horribly difficult to beat. Worse you may begin to dread “going to [...]

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Never show your hand… or not?

I love how in poker the correct answer is usually “it depends”. It depends on your hand, on the board, on your image, on your adversary, on your plans for the rest of the night. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and any rule has it’s exceptions. Or rather, you should always be open to reassess [...]

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Welcome home to South Florida

At age 15, I was living in New York. I ran away to Miami with my boyfriend and a couple of friends. As I am sure you can imagine, it did not work out all that well. I haven’t spent much time thinking it over until recently. When I was younger, I had many crazy [...]

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¿Are you addicted to poker?

Two weeks ago I presented Vorhaus’ book on Killer Poker. The book starts with an interesting discussion on the whether you are addicted to poker. It’s not by chance that poker is considered gambling in many jurisdictions. It is a game of skill, comparable to chess, but unlike chess, luck and probabilities do play a [...]

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Never date a poker player. Unless…

In the end, the decision was very easy. After deliberating for hours on end, which way to go, where to move in order to play and how to proceed with my poker career, I based my decision on a completely unrelated issue: I moved in with my girlfriend. This means that I am back in [...]

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Killer Poker No Limit

Poker Book Review: John Vorhaus – Killer Poker No Limit

A small disclaimer at the beginning. I loved the book. I enjoyed reading it so much that I was sad when I turned the last page on my kindle. It’s the second book I read by this author, and both had me spell-bound until the end. A great accomplishment, given that I am talking about [...]

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Am I as good as I think I am?

I just read on two plus two: Poker is like sex, everyone thinks they’re great, yet most people have no idea what they are doing. My past few sessions have been mostly losing sessions. When I lose a buy in or two a few times in a week, I seriously question myself. If it wasn’t [...]

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Poker room review: Rebuy-Madness at Hollandcasino Amsterdam

Whenever I am in a new city, I pay the local casino a visit to broaden my knowledge on the European poker scene. Most official poker in European countries is confined to official, state controlled casinos. Often the operating company owns most or all casinos within the territory, resulting into a lack of competition. In [...]

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Learn to bluff: what’s your favorite hand?

I can be considered a fairly tight player and bluffing doesn’t necessarily come easy to me. I have no problem to trap or to play aggressively (oftentimes even too aggressively) once I have connected, but the stone cold bluff is not my domain. However bluffing is part of the game, and as Annie Duke said [...]

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Health and poker: listen to your body

Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn! No other word described my presence at Ruhrpott-Poker’s 250er Special tournament. A deepstack tournament (50.000 chips, blinds starting at 25/50) with 30 min levels. How could I possibly miss out on this opportunity? Even if I had barely slept the night before. Even if my fever was only under control thanks to [...]

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