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Who enjoys these workshops?

We work mostly with female groups between 5 to 18 participantes.

What do you learn in each workshops?

Our standard workshops is an introductory lesson in Texas Holdem No Limit Poker followed by a small tournament to try out the newly found knowledge and start observing more attentively the other players around you.

How much time does a workshop take?

We recommend a duration of 2-3 hours to allow for questions and to enjoy a final tournament.

Will we be playing with money?

No! Pokerinas is not a Casino. We will teach the rules and do a mock tournament, but there will be no money in play. Instead you’ll be able to promote a small tournament prize, either one proposed by Pokerinas, or one organised through your own organisation.

Where do you do these workshops?

Pokerinas is based close to Barcelona, however we do travel if needed to other European destinations.

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